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Pictured below are some local SYHA players that have gone on to become USA Hockey officials. After
their SYHA days, these referees have advanced to work not only the MHSHL but also as officials at
 the college, junior and semi-professional levels .
Several have been and are currently part of the USA Hockey Official Development Program administered
by USAH and participating Leagues.

Bob Batcheller                   Paul Koskovich                    Ricky Chartier                  Chad Stewart


USHL 1992-2012                            USHL 2006-14                             USHL 2008-13                          USHL 2011- 15
IHSHL 1989-Present                     IHSHL 2003-Present                         IHSHL  2000-13                         IHSHL 2002-15
 Jr. Hockey ODP 1994-2012            Jr. Hockey ODP 2006-14              Jr. Hockey ODP 2007-13            Jr. Hockey ODP 2007-15
USAH 1989-Present                         USAH 1997-2014                         USAH 1996-2013                        USAH 2000-15

   Dan Holzrichter                      Cody Clark                    Aaron Mostrom                  Adam Axthlem  
 IHSHL 2006-Present                IHSHL 2013-Present                     IHSHL 2010-Present                  IHSHL 2012-Present 
USAH 2003-Present                USAH 2007-Present                          USAH 2008-Present                USAH 2011-Present
                                         Jr. Hockey ODP 2014-Present           Jr. Hockey ODP 2015-Present                                          

                                                  Eric Rapp               Tim McCormick                Chad McCormick              Kirk Swanson
IHSHL 2004-Present                  IHSHL 1999-2004                          IHSHL 2000-2009                      USHL 1988-2000  
                                             USAH 2000-Present                    USAH 1997-2004                          USAH 2000-2009                        IHSHL 1988-2000        
                                           SDHSL 2005- Present                                                                                                                        Jr. Hockey ODP 1990-2000
                                            MHSHL 2013-Present                                                                                                                              USAH 1986-2000 


                                            Brett Swanson                    Rob Casper                       Dylan Casper               Ben Holzrichter  
IHSHL 2004-Present                 IHSHL 2006-14                       IHSHL 2008-14                   USAH 2003-2011  
                                             USAH 1996-Present                  USAH 2006-14                        USAH 2008-14
                                                                                                                                               Jr. Hockey ODP 2012-14

                                     Marshall Tuttle                   Jimmy Peck                           Dan Reynolds                Brian Augustine
                                              IHSHL 2007-2012                       USHL 1980-1992
                                               USAH 2007-2012                      IHSHL 1980-1992
                                                                                                   USAH 1980-1992

                                                                                     Brandon Carlson                 Mitch Nelson
 IHSHL                                        IHSHL                                                                                   IHSHL 20xx
USAH                                        USAH                                    USAH 2012-14                       USAH 20xx
 Jr. Hockey ODP                          Jr. Hockey ODP                                                                                                         




1999-2000/2000-2001 USA Hockey
 1999-Current USA Hockey Official * 2002 MHSHL Referee/Linesman * 2004-Current ACHA Division 3 Referee/Linesman
2011-Current NAHL & USHL Linesman
2009 ACHA Division Finals Referee/Linesman * 2009  ACHA Regional Tournament Referee/Linesman
2010 ACHA Division Finals Referee/Linesman
2009, 2010, 2011  MHSHL JV Tournament Official  * 2012 Varsity Tournament Official *2012 MHSHL All-Star Game Referee

This jersey was worn for one season by Sioux City referee Chad Stewart. Has IHSHL 25 year and Dustin White Memorial patchs. NOB and made by CCM.    This jersey was worn for one season by Sioux City referee Chad Stewart. Has IHSHL 25 year and Dustin White Memorial patchs. NOB and made by CCM.
For two seasons this one was worn by Sioux City official Chad Stewart and is his first officials jersey.
Has USAH 2000-01 crest on left chest.  Iowa High School League 25th Anniversary patch on left sleeve and Dustin White memorial
patch on the right. Attached ProAlt nameplate. Manufacturer tagging in collar and embroidered CCM on hem. Size 50.

Cody Clark 2015 Toyota National Championships
Green Bay WI, March 26th-29th / Woman's Senior A Division
This one was worn by Sioux City native referee Cody Clark during the 2015 USAH Girls Tier 1 National Championships in Green
Bay Wisconsin. Cody was chosen to work the Championship game that saw the Minnesota McGovern's defeat the Minnesota
Blue J's 2-0. 14-15 USAH crest on front and Championship patch on left shoulder. Made by CCM. Size 48.

Circa 1999-2000 USA Hockey / Iowa High School Hockey League

Worn for a few years through the 1999-2000 USAH and Iowa High School Hockey League seasons. IHSHL anniversary patch and DJW Memorial
 patch added at the start of the 99 season. Both were worn for several seasons by all upper level Sioux City officials.
Official's Wearhouse patch. ProAlt attached nameplate. Manufacturer tagging in collar and embroidered CCM on hem. Size 48.

2002-05 USA Hockey

Worn for several seasons. Replaced in 2004-05 season. Flag worn by all SC officials added in 2001. 2001-02 first season with new style jerseys.
Referee/Linesman jersey. Snap-on floaters. Attached nameplate.  Manufactured by CCM

1998-99 Tim McCormick
USA Hockey / Midwest High School Hockey League

Worn for several season by Sioux City Official Tim McCormick. 98-99 Season attached crest. Officials Wearhouse patch on left sleeve and Dustin
 White patch on right sleeve. Snap-on floaters. Attached nameplate with heat applies letters. American flag above nameplate. Manufacture
tagging in collar and on right hem. Made by CCM. Size 52.


Circa 2007-08 USAHockey / Midwest High School Hockey League
2007-08 season Linesman jersey. Worn for a few prior seasons. USAH logo on right sleeve and Yellow Ribbon on left. USA Flag 
and manufacturer tagging above attached nameplate. Manufactured by Jofa.

Circa 2007-08 USAHockey / Midwest High School Hockey League
2007-08 season Referee jersey. Worn for a few prior seasons. USAH logo on right sleeve and Yellow Ribbon on left. USA Flag 
and manufacturer tagging above attached nameplate. Sewn-in referee bands. Manufactured by Jofa.

Circa 2010-11 USA Hockey / Midwest High School Hockey League

This style, while worn for many seasons has a new patch configuration starting the 2010-11 season. New  T.J. Memorial patch was added to thew right sleeve.
The Yellow ribbon in the left sleeve. The USA Hockey Patch was worn only on linesman jerseys. Manufacturer tagging in collar and on back neckline.
Attached US Flag and nameplate. Made by Jofa. Size 46.

Circa 2010-11 Midwest High School Hockey League

This style was first worn by Sioux City Officials during the 2010-11 season. This was the first season this "New" NHL style
was available. Very light weight/fine mesh material. Manufacturer tagging and USA Flag above the attached
numberplate. T.J. Memorial patch on right sleeve. Linesman Jerseys same style only with gray trimmed collar. Manufacturer tagging
also in collar. Embroidered number in place of zipper. Made by CCM. Size 48.

2016-17 Cody Clark USA Hockey National Tournament


2017-18 Cody Clark USA Hockey National Tournament



2018 USA Hockey National Championships

Presented to USA Hockey on-ice officials working the National Tournament.


2007-08 USHL Season
Current style worn by USHL officials starting in 2002. Large crest on left chest and nameplate and oval USHL logo on back.
Sewn-on CCM logo on back hem.

2008-09 USHL Season BCA Jersey

Worn during the 2008-09 season on October 17th. Sioux City's first Breast Cancer Awareness game. Tinted Pink ice and pink players
jerseys. Musketeers loose in OT to the Chicago Steel 3-2.  Hit in eye, twice on one shot!!! May think about a visor.
Rubberized/screened USHL crest & non-dated ribbon and attached nameplate. Made by AK Sports.

Coming Soon: Chad Stewart (USHL)

Coming Soon: Paul Koskovich (USHL)



(1989-90 my first season as an Official)


Iowa High School Hockey League (1976-2007) now known as the Midwest High School Hockey League 
secondary patches.


MHSHL Crest worn by all officials as main crest starting this 2019-20 season.

I am looking for any rulebooks from the late 80's and 90's.  These would have been the ones with the alternating
 red, white & blue background covers


Various USHL & USA Hockey buttons and enamel pins.








Adam Axthlem
Sioux City Metros 2004-07
USA Hockey Official 2011-Present  *  High School Official 2012-Present 


Bob Batcheller
Sioux City Jr. Musketeers/Metros 1979-83
USA Hockey Official 1994-Present  *  High School Official 1989-Present  * USA Hockey Official Development Program 1994-12
USHL Official 1992-12
           2001-02 MHSHL Senior Day                                                              2001-02 USHL                    
Metros vs. Ames Lil' Cyclones                                            Musketeers vs. Green Bay Gamblers                         

                    2009-10 USHL                                      2010-11 Musketeers Summer Camp      
Musketeers vs. Chicago Steel                                                             Billy Danderand Game


Wayne Blanche
USA Hockey Official 1970-1980  *  High School Official 1972-1980
USHL Official 1970-1980


Dylan Casper
Siouxland Youth Hickey 2003-08
USA Hockey Official 2008-2014  *  High School Official 2008-14  *  USA Hockey Official Development Program 2012-14
MHSHL Official 2008-14

Didnt play high school hockey officiated instead first game was and eighth grader. SYHA for five seasons.

Robbie Casper
Sioux City Metros 1982-86 / Sioux City Musketeers 1986-88
USA Hockey Official 2006-2014  *  High School Official 2006-14  *  USA Hockey Official Development Program 2012-14
MHSHL Official 2006-14
MHSHL Senior Day
Metros vs. Lincoln Jr. Stars

Ricky Charteir
Sioux City Metros 2000-03
USA Hockey Official 2007-2013  *  High School Official 2000-13  *  USA Hockey Official Development Program 2007-13
USHL Official 2008-13
USHL 2008-09                                                       USHL 2008-09

Sioux Falls Stampede vs. Lincoln Stars                                       Sioux Falls Stampede vs. Lincoln Stars

Cody Clark
Sioux City Metros 2010-13
USA Hockey Official 2007-Present  * High School Official 2013-Present * USA Hockey Official Development Program 2014-Present
NAHL Official 2014-Present

Benny Holzrichter
Sioux City Metros 2007-10
USA Hockey Official 2003-2011  * High School Official 2010-2011
Midwest High School Official 2010-2011

Sammy Holzrichter
Sioux City Metros 2012-16
USA Hockey Official 2011-Present


Dan Holzrichter
Sioux City Jr. Musketeers/Metros 1978-81
USA Hockey Official 2003-Present  * High School Official 2006-Present * Midwest High School Official 1999-04
MHSHL Regular Season

Metros vs. Kansas City Jets


Pauly Koskovich
Sioux City Metros 2001-04
USA Hockey Official 1997-14  * High School Official 2003-14 * USA Hockey Official Development Program 2006-14
USHL Official 2006-14

2012-13 USHL                                                          2005-06 MHSHL
Musketeers vs. Lincoln Stars                                                          Metros vs. Kansas City Outlaws

Chad McCormick
Sioux City Metros 1984-87
USA Hockey Official 2000-2009  * High School Official 2000-2009
Midwest High School Official 2000-09

Tim McCormick
Sioux City Metros 1987-90
USA Hockey Official 1997-2004  * High School Official 1999-2004
Midwest High School Official 1999-04
Did You Know...That's past Metro player Tim McCormick officiating over Travis' shoulder. Tim played for the Metros for three
seasons (1987-90) and was an IHSHL State Championship runner-up two of those three seasons.

Mike McClennen
USA Hockey Official 19XX-XX-Present

Ryan McClennen
USA Hockey Official 19XX-XX-Present

Aaron Mostrom
Ames Lil' Cyclones 2003-07

USA Hockey Official 2010-Present  *  High School Official 2010-Present  *  USA Hockey Official Development Program 2015-Present
NAHL Official 2011-15

Mitch Nelson
Sioux City Metros 2009-12

Jimmy Peck
Sioux City Musketeers 1974-78
USA Hockey Official 1980-1992  *  High School Official 1980-1992  *  USA Hockey Official Development Program 1980-1992
USHL Official 2011-15


 Eric "Thorny" Rapp
USA Hockey Official 2000- Present  *  High School Official 2004-Present
South Dakota State Hockey & Minnesota State Hockey League Official 2011-15

Dan Reynolds
Sioux City Jr. Musketeers/Metros 1977-81  /  Sioux City Musketeers 1881-83
USA Hockey Official 198X-XX  *  High School Official 19XX-XX  *  USA Hockey Official Development Program 19XX-XX
USHL Official 19XX-XX

Chad Stewart
Sioux City Metros 1990-93 / Omaha Jr. Lancers 1993-94
USA Hockey Official 2000-15  *  High School Official 2002-15  *  USA Hockey Official Development Program 2007-15
USHL Official 2011-15

Brett Swanson
Sioux City Metros 2001-04

USA Hockey Official 1996-Present  *  High School Official 2004-Present 
MHSHL Official 2004-Present
Metros 2001-04 / 2002 MHSHL State Champion


Kirk Swanson
Sioux City Metros 1982-85
USA Hockey Official 1988-00  *  High School Official 1988-00  *  USA Hockey Official Development Program 1990-00
USHL Official 1988-2000

Marshall Tuttle
Sioux City Metros 2003-07
USA Hockey Official 2007-12  *  High School Official 2007-12
MHSHL Official 2007-12



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There's Two Sides To Every Story
Current Metros try talking-it-out with past Metros in both these pictures. Left: Tanner Frerichs rarely complains, but is always willing
 to offer up constructive criticism or mention a different way a certain on-ice situation could have been handled. Right: Captain
James Page is always a good source of information and always had the numbers when I needed them.

Rob Casper Metros Class of '86  Chad Stewart Metros Class of 93
& Marshall Tuttle Metros Class of 07

Rob, Chad and Marshall prior to the 2010 Senior Day game. Rob and Chad would both go on to play in the USHL: Rob two seasons
here in Sioux City for the Musketeers and Chad a season in Sioux City and a season in Waterloo.  Marshall would go on to play
football at Morningside College where he became a stand-out All Conference GPAC Player.

       Chad Stewart           Bob Batcheller          Tim McCormick                         
Metros 1990-95    Jr. Musketeers/Metros 1979-83     Metros 1987-90   

Three local officials, Chad Stewart, Bob Batcheller and Tin McCormick, pose for a picture before the final game of the season;
February 23rd a 5-4 overtime victory over the Ames Lil' Cyclones.


Andy Vogt
Metros 1999-02
Andy Vogt, while not an official captain, often carried the mail from the bench. His great hockey knowledge and his enjoyment of the
game made him a terrific go-between. However, on occasion we might disagree. Here, he and I have a heated discussion, while coach
Landon Blatchford feeds him his lines. In the end though, me and Andy remain buds and he skates away knowing I was right again. On
the other hand...I'm not so sure about Landon.

Tim McCormick
Metros 2001-04 / USA Hockey Official 1997-04

Sioux City, IA / Tyson Event Center
March 30th, 2013

Left: Scott Zingerman, Michael Licina, Chad Stewart. There is a lot of USHL experience in this photo; in addition to over 40 seasons
of officiating.  Scott was also the USHL Referee-in-Chief  for three seasons, Todd is approaching his 20th season and has worked at the
 USHL & D1 levels and Chad was a long time USAH hockey official and a five season USHL linesman.

Chad Stewart                         Connor Valesano
Musketeers 1995-96             Musketeers 2015-16

Sioux City Native Chad Stewart chats with Stampede player Conner Valesano. Chad spend a season trying to crack the Musketeer
goaltending duo, however, a late season trade moved him to Waterloo. Conner would make USHL stops in Sioux Falls and Tri City
before arriving in Sioux City for the 2015 season. Chad would an win IHSHL State Championships with the Metros in 1992. He would
become a long time USA Hockey Officials and a member of the USHL Officials Development Program where he worked the league for
four seasons. Note to self: Never tell Stewy he's to old to do something!!!

Pauly Koskovich
Did You Know...that's past Sioux City Metros player and High School League Referee Paul Koskovich. Paul was a USA Hockey
official for 18 seasons and worked a USHL/NAHL/SPHL schedule for nine seasons. 

Bob Batcheller

Brett Swanson
Metros 2001-04 / 2002 MHSHL State Champion

Musketeers vs. Lincoln Stars

Referee Paul Koskovich                                                   Referee Bob Batcheller
              Metros 2001-03                                                                       Jr. Musketeers/Metros 1979-83
Sioux City alumni players Pauly Koskovich and Bob Batcheller have traded in their sticks for finger whistles. Both guys would go
on to work at the USHL level where they were members of USA Hockey Officials Development Program. Pauly would forgo his
senior season as a player and start his journey to USHL official. Twenty season prior to that, Bob would return after college and
begin his quest to work at the USHL level.

Cody Clark                                                                Dan Holzrichter
Metros 2010-13  / USA Hockey Official 2007-Present                 Metros 1978-82  / USA Hockey Official 2003-Present
Cody Clark is in this 10th season as a USA Hockey Official and his fourth season as a MHSHL Official. He entered the USAHockey
 Officials Development Program (ODP) in 2014 and remains on staff.this season saw him work the NA and NA3 leagues as well
as working several USA Hockey sanctioned tournaments. In March he officiated the NAPHL U18 Championship game and worked
the lines in the MHSHL championship game.

Dan Holzrichter looks to get some familiar numbers on another Metros goal; James Page and Drake Beller teamed up several
times to help lead the Metros to a second-place finish at the League Tournament. Also a former high school player, Dan  played three
 seasons as a Jr. Musketeer/Metro. He is a fourteen season USA Hockey official, and also served as the Metros Team Rep for three



Cody Clark                                 Aaron Mostrom
Metros 2010-2013                Ames Lil' Cyclones 2003-07

Past MHSHL players  (left) Cody Clark and (right) Aaron Mostrom get ready to work the lines in this NA3 game in New Ulm,
Minnesota pitting the North Iowa Bulls vs. the Twin City Steel


Past SYHA Players and Current Officials
Bob Batcheller                    Dan Holzrichter             Cody Clark             Sammy Slagle      

 Jr. Musketeers/Metros 1979-83   Jr. Musketeers/Metros 1978-81     Metros 2010-13   SYHA Coaching Director 2015-Present 

Past SYHA and Metros players Bob Batcheller, Dan Holzrichter and Cody Clark join SYHA Coaching Director Sammy Slagle
get ready for a AAA contest between the Omaha Lancers and the St. Louis Jr. Blues. The NAPHL teams played three games
that saw the visitors from St. Louis defeated the Lancers by a pair of goals in the first game and a single goal in the remaining two.

































































Current USHL Officiating staff.

The USHL has a on staff professional photographer who documents the season in in full through pictures and the league
sponsored USHL Photographers Blog.

Referee Training Video

Travis Smith AWHL circa 1999-2001
USHL Official 1998-2002

America West Hockey League
referee jersey worn by Travis Smith. Crest on front. Sewn-in orange bands. Attached nameplate.
Tagging in collar and embroidered on hem. Made by CCM. Size 50.
Travis spent three plus seasons as a USHL official, beginning during the 1998-99 season.
He would capoff his USHL career with a 2002 All-Star/Prospect game selections and as a Clark Cup Finals referee.


Keith Kaval 2005-06 CHL
USHL Official 2002-2005

Worn during the 2005-06 CHL season by Referee Keith Kaval. New/Experimental style. Crest on left and Play-Offs
patch on right front. Manufacturer tagging in collar and embroidered on hem. Made by SP.
Keith spent three seasons as an USHL official starting during the 2002-03 season. He would go on to work the 2005 All-Star Prospect
 game and the Clark Cup Finals. During his second season he would work the final game in the Sioux City Auditorium.

1999-2000 USHL Season
 Worn for a few seasons. 99-00 was the last season for the old style USHL logo. Small USHL crest on right sleeve and Officials Wearhouse sponsorship
patch on left sleeve. Small USHL logo above nameplate. Embroidered CCM on hem.

2003-04 USHL Season
       Worn during the 03-04 season. New oval shaped  Tier 1 patch above attached nameplate.
USHL 25th Season  Anniversary patch on left sleeve. Embroidered tag on hem. Made by CCM.

   2006-07 USHL Season BCA Jersey
2006-07 Breast Cancer Awareness Auction. Ribbon is dated 2006-07. This was the first season for these tribute jerseys.
Rubberized/screened USHL crest and ribbon and attached nameplate. Note Date in ribbon. Made by AK Sports.





USHL Official's Patches & Crests


This large style crest was worn by all game officials                              Starting in 2002 this would become the new   
  from the beginning of the USHL Junior A season.                              USHL crest. The stars represent the original 8
    Small patch was added in 1998 and was worn                                   teams that started in 1980. Tier 1 logo was
                  above the officials nameplate.                                                   worn above  the officials nameplate.


This smaller USHL patch was worn on officials       This patch was worn on officials                Official's Wearhouse was a sponsor     
right jersey sleeve around the 98-02 seasons        
right sleeve for the 2003-04 season         for several seasons starting in 1999-2000.
                                                                                                                                             It was worn on the left sleeve.


Game assignments for the last game played at the Sioux City Auditorium (December 13, 2003) and the
first game/event (December 17th, 2003) at the new Tyson Event Center



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Test Video referee

Referee Test Video 2

NHL Linesman Kevin Collins gets Hit by Craig Berube


Referee Training Video



SYHA Official Receives Pro Assignment

SIOUX CITY, IA — Past SYHA player and official Paul Koskovich has received his first professional game assignment. On February 1st, Paul will be working the lines in Richmond, Virginia as the Richmond Renegades face-off against the Jacksonville (Florida) Barracudas in a Southern Professional Hockey League (SPHL) match-up.

That following Saturday night he will be Officiating a Metropolitan Junior Hockey League (Junior A) game in Arlington, Virginia as the Washington Junior Capitols take on the Philadelphia Junior Flyers. On Sunday afternoon he will again be wearing the bands in another MJHL game as the same Philadelphia team faces off against the Valley Forge Minutemen.

Paul’s January and February schedule is and has been filled with stops in Des Moines & Waterloo Iowa., and Lincoln, Nebraska (USHL-Teir 1) Ames, IA (NCAA D1) Detroit, Michigan and St Louis, Missouri (NAHL-Junior A, CSHL & ACHL-Junior B, NCAA D1) and the above mentioned locations. He will finish out his busy February with weekend stops in Lincoln and the Stars take on the Sioux Falls Stampede and on Saturday in Sioux City where the Musketeers will face off against the Stampede.

Paul spent 12 seasons as a SYHA & Metros Player and eight seasons as a USAH Official. He is in his third full season as a USA Hockey ODP member where he sees the bulk of his games at the Junior A (NAHL) and Tier 1 (USHL) levels. He is currently based out of Lincoln, where is also a full time student at the University of Nebraska.


Sioux City Officials Get Post Season Assignments

Posted Monday, March 17

SIOUX CITY, IA — Several past SYHA players and current Sioux City officials have received post season game assignments. These game assignments are the result of outstanding officiating for the 2008 season and are assigned directly by USA Hockey Evaluators, Instructors and Supervisors.

Paul Koskovich (right) was selected to work the MHSHL Varsity Championship Tournament in the Quad Cities. In addition to his qualifying games, he was designated as head referee in the Championship game.

He was a past member of SYHA and a Metros player. He is currently a member of the USA Hockey Junior Officiating Program staff.

Eric Rapp was selected to work both the South Dakota High School Hockey Varsity and JV State Tournaments this year played in Mitchell and Rapid City, SD. He worked several qualifying games and, in addition, was designated as head referee in the JV Championship game.

He is a past SYHA player and is currently an official in both MHSHL and SDHSHL leagues.

Brett Swanson was selected to work the MHSHL JV Year-End Tournament held in Ames Iowa. In addition several tournament qualifying games, he was assigned to work the lines in the All Star Game and the Championship game.

Rick Chartier and Bob Batcheller were selected to work the USA Hockey Central District Tier 2 Championship Tournament in Omaha, NE. This district tournament will include regional play in the Peewee, Bantam and U16 & U18 Midgets.

In addition to Friday and Saturday qualifying games, Rick and Bob were also assigned to work final round games on Sunday as some of the weekend’s top officials.

Rick worked the lines in the final Bantam Championship game and Bob refereed the U18 Midget Championship game.

Both are past members of SYHA and Metro players for 4 seasons. They are currently MHSHL officials and members of the USA Hockey Junior Officiating Program staff.