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**********Lots of great SYHA Parent Photos Below**********
Do You Recall any of these Hockey Moms and Dads???
Please let know so they can be Recognized


1976 Rivercade Parade

Left: 1976 Rivercade SYHA and AYH (Adults for Youth Hockey) Floats. Center: Jr. Musketeer Craig Lohry holds on to the SYHA Bantam
Championship trophy. Right: Hockey moms and dads get ready to build the float with some liquid starter!!!

1976-77 Hockey Moms Manning the Hospitality Stand
Hockey moms Angie Hanson, Carolyn Stoever and Kathy Richou all make sure that everyone at the game
is coffee'ed-up!!!

Charlie's Angles vs. Big 62
Charlie's Angles had a "ringer" that night, the masked Musketeer showed-up to help the Angles defeat the Big 62 (KMNS Radio). While
is identity is to remain a secret then, we all knew that this was Musketeer Alex Shibicky.


2nd Annual SYHA Year End Tournament
March 19th and 20th, 1977
Left: PeeWee Brad Hanson helps Sarah Post at the admission stand for the year-end tournament. Right: Sarah can never escape paperwork!!!


1977 Rivercade Parade
1977 Rivercade SYHA Parade Float

Left: Hockey Moms headed-up by Sarah Post (on cooler) brainstorm this years float
Right: SYHA best artisans hard at work!!!

3rd Annual SYHA Pancake Day
November 26th, 1977
Left: Musketeer Dave Davies goes through the line at the 3rd annual SYHA Pancake Day (November 26th, 1977)
  Musketeer and High School team Trainer & SYHA coach Marcus Rotrammel (green hat) works the line (Musketeers HOF '92)
Right: Angie Hanson runs the Auditorium concession stand while Bob Bennett and her talk shop during the Year-End Tournament.

Left: Ted Carlson (blue shirt) gets ready to serve-up the goods as Wayne Blanche (plaid shirt) works in the syrup department.
Right: members of the PeeWees Peoples Furniture House League team get ready to eat!!!



1977 Christmas Greens
Everyone in SYHA knew this van and its signature tire cover!!!  Now that's a load of Greens. I bet it took the Stoevers awhile to
deliver all those!!!

1977-78 Pops vs. Peewees
Pops hold up better than expected and skate to a 16-16 tie!!! March 17th, 1978


1977-78 Year End Tournament
Sara Post and (????) guard the Year End Tournament hardware while Bob Post and Musketeer Coach Charlie Burns (foreground)
announce the SYHA tournament action.

Left: SYHA Referee & Coach Julian Nixon during the Squirts championship game. National Roofing would go on to win the Year End
Tournament beating Warren Electric 3-2.  Right: Referees start the Mites Championship Game (Anyone notice we're 3-manning a Tykes game)


1978 Rivercade Parade
The SYHA float leaves the parade staging area Right: Players Brad Hanson, Kirk Swanson, Tom O'Brien, Kirk McKnight,
Jeff Alquist & Todd Van Rooyan get prepared for the parade.


Left: Everyone but Brad Hanson (holding flag) get a little break from the long parade route Right: Hockey Dads Wayne Johnson (arms
crossed) Chuck Schmith (white shirt) prepare for a long night of float building.

Design ideas fly  Right: Mike O'Brien prepares for a long night of float building.

SYHA Registration
Left: Ben Hanson (white Shirt) passes our Christmas Greens info  Right: The Equipment Exchange used to be a very popular
part of registration day!!!


Left: Dan Reynolds (blue stripes) Charlie Burns (Musketeer Coach) and Clayton Wiffen (solid blue shoulders) at registration.
Right: Hockey Mons serve up dinner

Left: Kraig Lohry (arms crossed) and Sara Post (blue sweater)  Right: Unknown player serves the Coca-Ccola

Left: SYHA Referee and Coach Rick Suggett (mustache) Right: Mike O'Brien work the registration table

Carolyn Stoever                                                                            Sarah and Bob Post
Carolyn Stoever, Sarah and Bob Post all take their turn at working the concession stand at the SYHA Year -End Tournament.

Bob and Sarah were both a huge part of the success of the SYHA program. Both were board members and Presidents of SYHA.
Bob was one of the first to implement a coaching program for the newly founded organization. Sarah was a brilliant promoter
of youth hockey both within the group and around the Sioux City community. In 1990 Bob and Sarah would move to Sioux Falls where
 they again worked their youth hockey magic for the revamped Sioux Falls Youth Hockey program.


Christmas Greens
Ben & Angie Hanson, Bob Post and Chuck Schmith
Ben & Angie Hanson, Bob Post and Chuck Schmith coordinates the final Hockey Greens order for the beginning of the78-79 season.
This was a huge undertaking and required lots and lots of paperwork, adding machines, carbon copies and visual counting.
Remember...back then the smallest computer made would barley fit inside an average sized house.

Mike O'Brien (White shirt/glasses) joins the group to help tabulate the Christmas Greens order.

1979 Exchange Club
The Exchange Club sponsored many SYHA events
Like the Year End Tournament and Several Travel Teams.

Bruce Burdick Exchange Club President presents a check for $500.00 to SYHA Board Member , Dave Adam, Bob Post & John Saville
Squirts Chris McGowan and Billy Emerick are also pictured

1978-79 SYHA Board Members
Big Glasses Contest...and 6th place goes to Ted Carlson

Board Members Back: Gentleman 1 ???, Ted Carlson, Steve Bridenbaugh
Maxine Lebowitz, Gentlelady 2 ????, Sara Post

Not Pictured: Bob Bennett, Dave Adam, Ben Hanson, Robert Hartman, Doug Hodgins, Mike O;'Brien, Curt Stoever
& Craig Thompson

1978-79 SYHA Media Game

Sarah Post and her crew of helpers (Left: Craig Stoever, Bert Post & ????) count out the donations from that night's SYHA vs.
the Media game

     Mark Post (above)     Bert Post (above)


1978-79 SYHA Pancake Day

SYHA Coach and long-time SYHA supporter Mike Swanson (white jersey) serves up the cholesterol while a People's
Furniture player (??????)  looks on. Right: Chef Wayne Blanche takes time to walk among the masses!!!

Left: Bantam Bob Batcheller passes out plates. Right: Metro players (???????)  go through the line while hockey moms pour the syrup.
Left: Any one recognize there Hockey Moms and Dad??? Right: Carolyn Stoever (left) works the pancake line



1979-80 Bantam Newsletter
Newsletter Published by SYHA players Doug Richou and Gene Logsdon


SYHA Awards Banquet
Marina Inn / South Sioux City / March 23rd, 1982





Carlson Event Center.
The new home for SYHA and Metros Hockey. Completed in just 3 months, this new fully insulated metal building better housed all
hockey functions from equipment operation to player amenities to spectator comfort.

Left: Head Coaches Barry head (glasses) and Dave LeGree (back) and team treasurer Ben Hanson talk Metro hockey
Wayne Blanche sets rubber matting leading from the locker rooms to the ice.  This would be the first season in the brand new
Carlson Event Center
. This metal building structure allowed you to drink your coffee before it froze into a solid block.



2003 IHSHL State Champions

Back: Coach Jimmy Peck, Asst Coach Steve Stokes & Jeff Gray
Pictured in no particular order: Brett Swanson, Cody Muir, Jack Brooks, Chase Kinchen, Ricky Charteir, Joel Kempter, Kyle Bennett,
Kevin Lohry, Marshall Tuttle, Sammy Schweigert, Ben Kamback, Aaron Limoges, Jon Soole,Bobby Murphy, James Roat
Daniel Limoges, Alex Lukehart, Ryan McClennon (goalie)  & Beau Erickson (goalie)


*****The Final Decision for a new Hockey Organization*****
These two jersey swatches cut from a hockey supply catalog were the final two colors for the newly formed SYHA. While we have has several green
 variations over the years, the original choice was that of the California Golden Seals

********************SYHA Jacket Patches********************

Jacket patches were awarded at the end of each season.  These were proudly displayed on our "Hockey Jackets". The more patches-the cooler the jacket!!!
These jackets were the traditional green with yellow and white striping in the collar and cuffs. The back always carried the large SYHA patch. The other smaller
patches were worn anyplace that mom could get them to fit!!!

In the early  80's SYHA started a "Letter" program. After three years of membership, each player was awarded a five inch tall letter "S". After that, each season
a player was then awarded a yellow bar to add under his letter or on the sleeve. A large sized letter was also awarded to varsity players as final rosters were
announced for that season.

This year end tournament pitted all the SYHA House League teams in competition. This tournament took place at the completion of each season.

The City Wide Tournament was a mid-season meeting of all the house league teams.


All SYHA players were free to were any patches on their hockey jackets the wanted.  Through out the season, individual teams, organizations or
tournaments would give out different patches to SYHA players.  These are just a few of the many that graced our very coveted Hockey Jackets


*******SYHA House League Jerseys********




















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