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Home of the 2018 USA Hockey National Champions Sioux City Metros


This site is dedicated to all the terrific people that Siouxland Youth Hockey helped me meet!!! From my first year as a Squirt, through high school
and on to my days as an Official in the USHL. There isn't a day go by that I don't think of all the good times and great people that being a hockey
player, coach and official has afforded me over the years!!! There are too many names to mention individually, but to all of you I say "Thanks!!!!"

What is ???

In just two years, Siouxland Youth Hockey Association (SYHA) will be 50 seasons old!!! will be
a place to capture some of our youth hockey history over those past years. 

This site will have team photos, individual player pictures and hockey action shots. It will feature the successes  
of each of the teams & players have had over the seasons.
It will also have a jersey history of styles from various seasons with an emphasis on the players who wore          
these jerseys and their on and off-ice hockey achievements. 
There will be a page dedicated to those SYHA players who have excelled beyond the high school hockey level
  experienced play at the College, Junior, European and Professional ranks. 
It will also have places other SYHA items like programs, jackets, team pictures, patches, pins and other SYHA/Metros
awards and memorabilia.  

 I would ask you to “Become apart of this history project!!!” Any type of SYHA photos & memorabilia you have
will be greatly welcomed and regardless of what you have, I will make sure that it is properly displayed within
this collection!!!

I can receive any scanned/digital images you may have available. Any photos as well as other memorabilia will be
documented and returned by SYHAstuff in a timely and secure manner!!! Physical pick-up and return of your pictures and
memorabilia is also an option and will be done at your convenience!!!
Please contact me using the e-mail link on the home page.



To this day, hockey still remains a huge part of my life. I love to play it, I love to ref it,  I love to watch it
and mostly... I love to reminisce about it!!!

 Many of my fondest hockey memories are the result of my time spent as a young member of SYHA. The lessons it taught
me and the experiences it provided me over those years have been, like the commercial says, “Priceless”!!!  

For what many say the Boy Scouts does to make prepared and successful adults, I have to say, SYHA did that for me!!!
SYHA provided me terrific life experiences and character building opportunities, all while teaching me the merits of team
work, sportsmanship, camaraderie, competition and dedication; skills that I use everyday on a regular basis.

This project is my chance to show off the many, many other success stories of players that surely feel the same positive
 impact of those SYHA years and a chance for me to say "Thanks" to the Siouxland Youth Hockey Association!!!


About Me

 I have been associated of SYHA for most of it's nearly 50 seasons. I first became a youth player in 1974 as a Squirt and
played four seasons (79-83) for the high school team; (Jr. Musketeers/Metros). After college, I returned to SYHA to coach
at the Squirt and then Peewee levels. After a pair of seasons behind the bench, I traded in my clip board for a finger whistle
and still remain active as an on-ice official and SYHA Referee-in-Chief.

I was a member of the United States Hockey League (USHL) referee staff for 20 seasons (1991-2011) and am still currently
an active USA Hockey official working a regular schedule in the Midwest High School Hockey League as well as some College
Club hockey. I have been fortunate to work several State Tournament  games as referee/linesman, two USA Hockey regional
tournaments as a linesman and in 2008 the USA Hockey Regional Championship Game as referee.

I have a collection of United States Hockey League (USHL) game used jerseys as well as a collection of Sioux City Musketeers
game jerseys and other memorabilia. Please check out my other collection at

 It seems that all my life was spent around the rink. While I played some baseball, football and cross was the
sport that gave me the greatest joy!!! From my first season in SYHA to today, I still think back to the many things that SYHA
is responsible for as far as learning so many of life’s lessons!!!
 I can still name every one of my coaches & mentors, and think daily of the many things they all taught me over the years!!!
From sportsmen ship to learning how to be the best player/person I can. Many of those coaches and mentors are still
great hockey leaders and over the years, they to have become even greater friends.


An Open Letter to Past SYHA Players

Dear SYHA/ Metros Player...At sometime in the next few minutes you  may find yourself asking "Just how much free time
does this guy have???"
LOL!!! ;-) Here goes... 

I have embarked on a SYHA/Metros History Project that will attempt to record the nearly 50 seasons of youth and high school
hockey in Sioux City. This project will include documenting the positive successes of every season; focusing on both team and
individual on-ice accomplishments.

This site will showcase SYHA/Metros many success through action photos, game jerseys, team pictures, awards, stats, trivia
and other organization memorabilia. There will be specific pages dedicated to local players who have passed through our
program on their way to upper level hockey, SYHA/Metros Award recipients as well as a complete recapping the
Metros 2018 USA Hockey National Championship victory.

Not to sound "corny" but my intention is to create an inspirational page for our young SYHA/Metros players, player who may
not be as familiar with the many, many successes of our past players and teams. in fact...I am certain that many people around
Sioux City don't know of
the many accomplishments of our High School Hockey Team; with the most State Tournament
Championships, as well as the most appearances in the final Championship Game. Also untold are the many success stories
of local hockey players that have been able to continue their hockey careers at a higher level!!! While the list of local
players in the NHL is short, the list of Sioux City youths who have gone on to play and officiate in the USHL,
NAHL, College, Jr. A, Jr. B, 
Foreign Pro Leagues and Semi-Professional is very impressive.

I am sure you can agree like me and many, many other players, that SYHA helped us do things that, with out it, may have never
been possible!!!

My question you have any old SYHA / Metros items that I could document??? All items while in my
possession will be treated with the utmost care; picked-up/received, documented and returned to you in
a timely manner!!!
Weather you have just a few photos or a tub of photos...Here is your chance at SYHA/Metros immortality!!!

         The site is up and running. It starts way back in 1972 and is current through this last season. Please check it out for a little walk
 down youth hockey memory lane!!!

I will be looking forward to hearing back from you and Thanks!!!! bob
Bob Batcheller
Sioux City

Items of interest:

Post-Metro Jerseys
Post-Metro Photographs
USHL Jerseys
USHL Game Socks
Metro Jerseys
Metros Game and/or Practice Socks
Metros Team Pictures
SYHA Travel Jerseys
SYHA Travel game and practice socks
SYHA Team Pictures
SYHA Jacket Patches
House League Jerseys
House League Team Pictures
Any other SYHA / Metro photos  

PS...I am set-up to receive any scanned/digital images. All items will be returned to you by in a timely and secure manner.
Please contact me using the e-mail link to arrange possible pick-up and returns of some items.



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