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Sioux City Jr. Musketeers / Sioux City Metros  High School Hockey

Siouxland Youth Hockey Association (SYHA)

SYHA Players Beyond SYHA

Youthful Hockey Captains
Sioux City Journal circa November 1975

Top: Jr. Musketeers; Kirk Lohry, Bryan Hartman, Tim Giesler and Al Nixa  Middle: Bantams; Tim Ward, John Meine, Brent Hartman
Front: PeeWees; Krag Lohry, Scott Ward and Clayton Wiffen

This photo appeared in the Sioux City journal promoting the start of the 75-76 youth hockey season. In just four seasons, the newly
formed Siouxland Youth Hockey Association (SYHA) has grown from 50 original skaters to 165 youth players ranging from Mites
to High School. Bryan & Brent Hartman and Clayton Wiffen would all go on to play for the Sioux City Musketeers (USHL)

Did You know...
That for the first 4 years of Sioux City hockey we didn't have a Zamboni!!!

Left: An Auditorium staff member preparing the edges by hand. No gas edger yet!!!  Right: Staff members shovel away all the snow
from the ice. As tradition, this was done at the start of every game and between every period.

Two hot water carts sponsored by the Black Knight, a men's clothing store located in Sioux City and owned by then team owner
 Gary Lipschutz, provided the hot water that prepared the ice for the next period. Note: Notice the fence in place of glass.


   2011 Inaugural Sioux City Musketeers Billy Danderand Cup

Held in honor of long time Sioux City Musketeer trainer & equipment manager Billy Danderand.
A native of Jefferson, S.D., Billy has been part of the
Musketeer organization for  40 seasons!!! He joined the team during the Musketeers first season in  USHL Senior League in 1972. Billy has been a long time
friend and supporter of SYHA & Metro hockey. He also served the same duties with International Softball Congress's powerhouse teams Penn Corps &
 National Health Care.
This trophy is awarded to the winning team of the annual Musketeer's All-Star Summer Camp Green vs. Gold try-out game.


T.J. Reinsch Youth Hockey Foundation
In June of 2010, many of us hockey players lost a good friend!!! T.J. Reinsch was one of hockey's good guys!!! He was a SYHA and Metro player for
ten seasons and capped his high school career with a state championship for the Metros. After playing at the USHL and College levels, T.J. was not done giving to
the hockey world. He moved to Sioux Falls where he became instrumental in the re-building and the current success of the Sioux Falls Flyers youth hockey program.
He was indeed a great player, great coach and above all a great friend!!!


 Please visit this memorial website and help strengthen both the Sioux City and Sioux Falls hockey programs
in the name of a great guy!!!


Dr. Steven Noel Memorial
In 2007 Siouxland Youth Hockey lost a terrific supporter of youth hockey and just an all round terrific guy!!! At the time, Steve and
his wife had three youth hockey players in the program. The Metros honored Steve by wearing  the below helmet stickers for the remaining two
years of their oldest son's high school seasons.

The hope of the Stephen H. Noel Memorial Fund is to commemorate these qualities of Steve by inspiring and assisting
young people to pursue a career in medicine.


Click on the logos to visit each team's official Midwest High School Hockey League website.


While a blizzard  raged over the state one weekend in late February of 1975, an invitational state high school hockey tournament, organized
by Iowa State University hockey coach Al Murdoch, was held at Hilton Coliseum in Ames. In an exciting final game Waterloo Columbus
defeated Sioux City to claim the State Championship. This tournament was the foundation for the state tournament as it occurs today...

                                  State/League Tournament Champion                           Runner-Up                                        
(#) State/League Championship Wins  /  (#) State Championship Runner-up Appearances                  

                      2019 Waterloo Warriors (7)                   vs.   Cedar Rapids RoughRiders (1)

                      2018  Sioux City Metros (7)                            vs. Mason City Mohawks (4)

                      2017   Waterloo Warriors (7)                vs.   Sioux City Metros (7)

                      2016   Kansas City Jets (3)                   vs.    Des Moines Capitals (6)
Kansas City Jets (2)                   vs.         Dubuque Devils (3)
      Des Moines Oak Leafs (4)               vs.     Kansas City Jets (2)
2013 Kansas City Jets (1)                      vs.      Des Moines Oak Leafs (3)
 2012   Waterloo Warriors (6)                            vs.     Kansas City Jets
2011   Quad City Blues (1)                       vs.      Des Moines Capitals (5)
Des Moines Capitals (4)                         VS.            Kansas City Jr. Outlaws
Waterloo Warriors (5)                    vs.       Des Moines Capitals
  Des Moines Oak Leafs (3)             vs.      Quad City Blues (1)
  Des Moines Oak Leafs (2)              vs.     Omaha Jr. Lancers (4)
  Des Moines Oak Leafs                  vs.    Mason City Mohawks (4)
Des Moines Capitals                       vs.          Des Moines Oak Leafs (2)
Des Moines Capitals                       vs.    Mason City Mohawks
Sioux City Metros (6)                   vs.         Des Moines Oak Leafs
Omaha Jr. Lancers (4)                   vs.     Des Moines Capitals
Omaha Jr. Lancers                       vs.     Des Moines Capitals
Des Moines Capitals                      vs.       Sioux City Metros (6)
Sioux City Metros  (5)                    vs.     Kansas Jr. Blades
Sioux City Metros (4)                     vs.    Omaha Jr. Lancers
Mason City Mohawks (2)              vs.    Omaha Jr. Lancers
 Omaha Jr. Lancers                        vs.       Des Moines Capitals
  Omaha Jr. Lancers                       vs.  Mason City Mohawks (4)
Sioux City Metros (3)                     vs.     Omaha Gladiators
   DM Valley/Dowling (3)                 vs.      Sioux City Metros
  Sioux City Metros  (2)                  vs.  Mason City Mohawks
  Sioux City Metros (1                   vs.        Dubuque Devils (2)
  Waterloo Public                          vs.      Sioux City Metros
                       1989  DM Valley/Dowling                      vs.    
   Dubuque Devils
                       1988   DM Valley/Dowling                     vs.   
  Sioux City Metros
Mason City Mohawks                  vs.      Waterloo Columbus (2)
Ames Flyers  (1                            vs.       Waterloo Public (3)
 Waterloo Public                            vs.      Ames Flyers (1)
                       1984     Des Moines Public                         vs.       Des Moines Urbandale
  Waterloo Public                            vs.     Waterloo Columbus
  Waterloo Columbus (5)                 vs.       Des Moines Valley
  Waterloo Columbus                      vs.    Waterloo Public
   Waterloo Public                            vs.      Des Moines Urbandale
    Des Moines Dowling                     vs.    Waterloo Public
  Waterloo Columbus                      vs.     Sioux City Jr. Musketeers
  Waterloo Columbus                      vs.       Des Moines Dowling
  Waterloo Columbus                      vs.    Sioux City Jr. Musketeers


(#) State Championship Wins  /  (#) State Championship Finals Appearances



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